This is the 4-H pledge, with over 7 million active members, 4-H has continued to evolve into one of the largest youth development and empowerment organizations in the United States! The official symbol for this organization is the four-leaf clover, which has four H’s on the emblem that stand for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.

Through the slogan “learning by doing” this program focuses on extending and developing skills and experiences of the rural youth, serving the needs of the surrounding community. The concept of youth development is used to emphasize the importance of belonging, generosity, independence and mastery.Positive experiences in these four areas of need will help develop the younger generation into active members of society. An important area of focus for 4-H is agricultural education. Focusing on agriculture allows participants to become involved in creating positive change in the environment from both urban and rural settings. On July 25, 2014 close to thirty high school aged, 4H members from all over Florida came to complete a service project here at the of Big Brothers Big Sisters Office in Gainesville. These youth spent nearly three hours weeding, mulching, sweeping, power washing and doing a variety of other activities to get the outside of the building cleaned up. They worked hard and when they were done, it showed. The exterior of the building looks much better and we are very appreciative of these dedicated youth’s service to our organization.