Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kipp Hayes- Community Leader

Kipp Hayes, the CEO and owner of University Pawn and Jewelry, is an outstanding and motivational community leader. He demonstrates commitment to helping children better themselves by volunteering as a community mentor through his church’s youth ministry and as a bible study teacher. Mr. Hayes is currently the Vice President of the Board of Directors of BBBS. Kipp’s relationship with BBBS began as a Little Brother, (LB) in our program, where he was matched with his Big Brother (BB), Mark. Kipp believes that he began to grow as a person because of the time and attention Mark showed him, helping him discover who he was and what he really enjoyed.

Kipp’s most significant memory from being a LB was his bonding experience with his BB Mark at their first meeting together. After Mark introduced him to Orange Julius in the Gainesville Mall, he was his new best friend! Kipp was soon introduced to Star Wars, which they saw three weeks in a row, and video games, which they played for hours. These activities opened up a path that allowed Kipp to start building models and led him to his first job at the age of 14 at a local arcade. Kipp said, “I don’t recall how long the relationship lasted, but its effect has lasted me a lifetime.” After Mark moved out of Gainesville, Kipp left the program, at which time he fell in with the wrong crowd, and dropped out of school. He realizes that everyone needs help and guidance and maybe if he had had his Big around he would not have dropped out of school in 9th grade. This in part is the driving force that motivates him to give back to the children in his community.

Earn a Scholarship While Volunteering!

Students at the University of Florida and Santa Fe College have the opportunity to earn a scholarship while they volunteer their time towards mentoring our youth! This is made possible by Florida Campus Compact, a national presidential membership organization that is committed to helping students develop values and skill through participation in community service. They have partnered with AmeriCorps to create the College Access AmeriCorps Program which offers scholarships to college students for mentoring at-risk youth and participating in community service.

Students will receive an educational award amount based on the set number of hours that the student chooses. For 300 hours of service they will receive $1,132 and for 450 hours of service $1,415. They also have the options of serving 600 and 900 hours. There are a few requirements for the program. Volunteers have to mentor a child in grades 6-12 within the Alachua County Public School District for at least one hour every week. Additionally, they will be attending month meeting geared towards increasing their civic knowledge

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